RFC: Create a DAO role whose main/only purpose is to promote members' content

I propose that we create a Discord channel and email distro that pushes out any JournoDAO member’s content.

Then one of the roles or jobs we can give people is to simply promote anything that comes through those channels. Like/retweet/comment/etc.

Call it a Twitter mob, mafia, cabal, whatever. Though it wouldn’t be restricted to Twitter content.

In the future there could be rewards for the role.

If this passes, the following would need to be done:

  • Create the Discord channel
  • Create the email distro
  • Blog post explaining the concept and mechanics

What do we think?


I like this idea, and I also think its something that can develop out into some kind of editorial board.

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I love this idea! Also showcases the scope of the DAO members and all they’re creating out in the world!

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About to approve a new group of applications from the form. Maybe we’ll find a champion for this among new recruits…

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