RFC: Formalize and deepen partnership with Factland

I’m the lead developer for JournoDAO and Factland and I’d like to see some closer collaboration, if possible.

Both are public goods, and Factland has established an official 501(c)(3) to do business as. Our audiences are very similar since Factland would like to find passionate fact checkers, researchers, and journalists who can be incentivized by the platform and give the public a way to contribute to their process.

Some concrete proposals might be:

  • Placement of the Factland logo with a link on the JournoDAO site and vice versa
  • Mention of the partnership in public channels and on social profiles
  • Both DAOs agree to a formal “Official Partner” label that can be used in various internal/external media
  • Potential funding swap or bundling both DAOs together in mutually beneficial grant proposals

I’m intending to put some of this up to an actual governance proposal to test our decision making tools and abilities, so I’d love some thoughtful feedback and language crafting here.

Anything else you’d like to see in a proposal? Anything mentioned above that you’d like to be left out of the proposal?


Yeah I like the sound of this, and you’d be uniquely positioned to broker this partnership, knowing the ins and outs of both.

Is Factland at all interested in training and credentializing people? If so, JournoDAO could defer some portion of its training to Factland, or vice versa. That is, they could leverage each other’s credentials perhaps.


As Keith knows, I was shilling both JournoDAO and Factland to whoever was willing to listen at the Heterodox conference in Denver. People had a much easier time grasping Factland than JournoDAO. I think a partnership makes a lot of sense and have been actually thinking a Factland presence at our event in LA could be cool. In particular, the notion of experimenting with ways to incentivize people to participate in the process of journalism/truth-seeking in an atomized/crowdsourced/citizen journalism/DAO fashion is very much in line with the vision for Web3 journalism that’s been evolving in my mind and, I think, in our conversations. The more people that touch the process of journalism, even in small ways, to see how it works under the hood, the healthier our democracy will be. (Keith said this at some point somewhere) It’s just about revitalizing civic life, really.

We could also say that Factland has a “Lede” slot in our “First Draft” incubator (making these names up now. Like?) This is essentially meaningless at the moment, but when we do get some funding for the incubator, it basically puts Factland at the front of the line.

We could do some co-hosting of Town Halls and Twitter Spaces to introduce the teams and audiences to each other.

And everything else you suggest.



I think all of this sounds amazing and the synergy between the two seems pretty organic and solid. I haven’t had a chance to dive deeper into Factland but I feel like both FL and JD have similar missions and a partnership would serve both entities well. I could also see where bounties for the work/contributions with Factland, which is more concrete and clearly defined, would be great for the JD community, particularly those who are newer to web3 or who might not be journalists but are still looking to work within/support the mission of both communities.

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I hadn’t thought of that, but that’s a really good idea. Not sure where the best place is to track that aspect, but if you can note it or remember it, it will be a good thing to discuss later on when Factland matures a bit.

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Great! I’m glad this is inline with what you’re thinking.

I like the naming scheme you’re spit balling. But does that mean there would be a “Nut Graph” slot? Not sure anyone wants that one. :laughing:

Factland needs some promotional help to find its first passionate users, so co-hosting or getting visibility out there in anyway sounds great.


Oh yeah, I hadn’t thought of that. But yes, if JournoDAO could help source interested fact-checkers and reporters who are willing to help out and shape the tool (kind of like we’re doing with Chainverse), that would really help Factland.

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I was thinking of the chainverse project too. Some non-journalists might be intimidated or just assume they can’t seek an active role in journodao at the very beginning (eventually this would be solved by a structured onboarding call for new members or some onboarding process), but Factland would be easier for non-journalists to engage with and creating collectives around research or fact checking projects could be alot of fun.