RFC: Should Core Team members be gifted Founder NFTs?

I think those of us considered to be on the Core Team of JournoDAO are a bit uncomfortable with the label, and we’ve adopted it mostly out of expediency to communicate who is showing up each day to contribute and make decisions.

As we launch our Founder NFT, we have reserved 200 NFTs for internal use, and I’d like to hear what people think about gifting some to the early contributors of JournoDAO who carried the NFT launch across the finish line.

Pros? Cons? What does your gut say? Why does it say that?

Personally I like the moral purity of not gifting ourselves any and paying for them just like anyone else. But some of us may be more easily able to afford them than others, so that also doesn’t seem fair.

Maybe there’s a smaller fee that each Core member contributes to the treasury and then are gifted an NFT?

It seems weird to charge Core team members for tickets to events that they are organizing and hosting. Seems to make sense that Core members should have access to all DAO perks or resources just for the sake of reducing financial or logistical friction …

As a potential beneficiary to this proposal, I may be biased. Though it doesn’t feel like I especially want to be gifted one. Just keep that in mind.

Personally, I like the idea of every member of the community having a little skin in the game. I’ve always bought in on the tokens of whatever project I’m working on, whether it’s buying my wife’s NFTs, DAO tokens, chipping in to the DAODenver fund, or whatever. I think it helps build mutual investment and momentum in a project and signals our commitment to the mission. That said, our ETH used go a lot further just a few months ago and 2 ETH is still not a small amount. It would be fair for anyone reading this who has devoted numerous unpaid hours to our little group to feel put out by the very suggestion of paying for an NFT they helped create. One possible solution would be to implement some sort of sliding scale system for core members and early contributors to purchase the founder NFT. It’s fucking rough out there right now, and just showing up over the past few months is huge, honestly, so that scale should probably be able to slide all the way to near zero. I think I’m basically repeating what Keith said here with slightly different words… :rofl:

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All of these are great points! I’d love to support more projects I participate in with some cold hard crypto, but this broke ass student has to sweat for her tokens- for now. :wink: I would need that scale to slide to zero until some DAO crypto starts flowing.

I do like the idea of core members earning an NFT or something along those lines. I think many of us are builders, so some sort of building scenario would be cool. In the future, we could make bounties for tasks using our token (this is assuming we make/have a token at some point) and we can “cash in” our tokens at some point for a founders or core member NFT.


@cstreet @ericcmack OK, so maybe each person can apply for a Founder NFT gift and then outline all the sweat equity they put in? And then the DAO can vote to gift them on a case by case basis?

Then those who can afford to put something in on a sliding scale can include that donation as part of their application?

It might seem like a silly process now since we all know each other and the work that we’ve all done thus far, but thinking about people who join in a year or two and want to understand how the genesis of the NFT shook out … it might be good to have a record …


I like that! Makes sense. I like the combo of sweat equity and donation/contribution and an application/voting process. I know this fall I’ll be talking with lots of students about DAOs and how to get involved and it would be cool for them to know that contributing on a founder level isn’t completely based on monetary contributions. Not that they would think that, but seeing an equitable process from the outside might be good for them if they’re choosing which communities to dedicate their time to. And it kind of sets us apart from the Friends With Benefits, etc that essentially became a pay to play game.


I love earn to own as I’m hustling to make a full income switch to Web3. I would not be able to purchase a founders NFT at the moment. But my time and energy and deliverables could serve as a contribution and investment to earn one. Or some version of this. All of this might change soon to the upside!

Very curious about how these NFTs would be transferable if investment is made. Over the years of business learnings, I always look at the offboarding process as I’ve witnessed many harsh exits from techical systems to people to founders. It’s something I investigate deeply when considering any new project investment of funds.

I’m also okay with investing or contributing when I’m able without a founders NFT as I’m in for the mission.

As a protocol, when I buy NFTs, I consider 2 things: 1. Is this going to grow in value over time. 2. Does this community resonate with what I believe in and will I be able to generate potential business and market myself within.

I say this as I do invest money that I don’t have if I feel I can socialize within and generate return.

I’m sharing this as the JournoDAO Founders NFT falls in a different category. It feels more like a contribution of time and money to a cause I believe and about something bigger picture.

Just giving insight here as to my line of thinking. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your thinking! Very helpful to hear where you’re at.

The Founder NFT will be transferable, so in theory someone could put in their sweat equity and apply for one, then sell it later when they want to leave the community or liquidate.

And none of this is set in stone really, so the Founder NFT can evolve into whatever the community wants it to be over time.

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