Blockchain Press Club DAO

I’m in discussions with Diana Aguilar at Blockchain Press Club DAO, and there appears to be a few ways we could collaborate.

The main overlap of our missions seems to be getting journalists more financial support to do their work. Currently journalists have to accept very low pay in order to do investigative pieces, while also taking on a lot of risk.

So one area for collaboration might be JournoDAO adding Blockchain Press Club DAO as a content partner and paying them a flat fee for their inclusion. JournoDAO could curate an amazing bundle of content that our Founder NFT grants access to, and BPC could be part of that bundle, thereby entitling them to some of our funding as they’re a portion of our product offering.

The exact numbers and terms are obviously up for debate and the devil may be in the details, but we do need some concrete offerings for our Founder NFT relatively soon and this could be a good first signing.

Where I left it with Diana is that I would bring her a more detailed proposal on 6/10/22 at our next meeting. I’d love to collect feedback here before then and get some help drafting what that proposal might look like. It’s a pretty casual deadline, so I’m sure we could get more time if necessary.

Thanks for reading!

Does she have any examples of the types of reporting she’s talking about? Links to stories or individual journalists we’d be supporting?

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I’ll get those when I speak to her next and post them here. I know the decision rests heavily on the content provided and the details of the arrangement. Anything that you know you want to see on those lines as I continue to discuss?

Just anything that gives some sense of the type of stories her people are working on. Particularly if there’s a story where the journalist that wrote it was clearly in the best position to tell the story. Or, maybe two examples of stories that show a broad range of storytelling. It’s all vague, I know. I just don’t really have handle on what her group is about TBH.

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Yeah, neither do I, really. But what do you think about the “Content Bundle” idea? Like as an offering for Founder NFT holders?