DAO Coalition Representative Election

PROPOSAL TITLE: DAO Coalition Representative Election

DATE POSTED: 4/15/23


The DAO Coalition is a social welfare organization (Delaware nonprofit nonstock corporation, pending 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status) established to lobby and advocate on behalf of the DAO ecosystem. DAOs join the coalition by publicly designating a representative, according to whatever internal governance system that DAO uses.

The coalition will work with research partners to generate policy positions for how DAOs should be regulated. These policy positions will draw from the feedback of the representatives, and DAOs in the coalition can vote on whether or not to endorse a given position.


DAO Authority Address - This address is the executive address of the DAO, such as a multisig or a DAO smart contract, or the wallet address of any personnel authorized by the DAO to appoint a representative. The DAO authority address will wear the “Member DAO” hat.

Hat - A tokenized role, using Hats Protocol. Hats Protocol lets you create and assign role tokens, called hats, which can be granted special permissions within an organization. Wearers of hats can mint child hats and customize the parameters of these child hats. DAO Coalition will be using Hats Protocol to build an on-chain organizational framework for recognizing which DAOs are part of the coalition (IE which DAOs wear “DAO Member” hats) and who in a given DAO recognized as an official representative of that DAO (IE who wears the “Representative” hat).

Representative - Someone who is recognized by their DAO as that DAO’s representative in the DAO Coalition. These representatives will be authorized by their respective DAOs to attend DAO Coalition meetings, provide feedback on the drafting of policy positions, and relay federated proposals back to their respective DAOs. If a DAO wants their representative to become more deeply engaged, that DAO may choose to offer compensation to that representative.


JournoDAO multisig (address TDB)


Eric Mack


0xb88a6648D72Ab8B37fe705B5b2dd2cd732Ac810f (ericmack.eth)


The nominated representative shall be authorized to represent the DAO in various DAO Coalition activities, such as coalition meetings and research workshops, and shall have permission to relay federated proposals from the DAO Coalition to be voted on by this DAO. This proposal does not involve any financial actions or disbursements, nor would this proposal, in and of itself, endow the representative with any powers to effectuate financial actions or disbursements on behalf of the DAO.

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