Housekeeping: ONA prep, money movements and incorporation

Going to cross-post this to the forum for transparency’s sake…

Quick summary of some moves made in the last 24 hours

  1. Keith, John and I have secured an AirBNB near ONA for three nights that week. We’ll be sharing it with Founder NFT holder Evan Hansen who will naturally have the King Bedroom. We didn’t use any DAO funds for this but may request a partial reimbursement at some point… TBD. There should be room for the LA-based folks to drop by and hang…

  2. Our application to create JournoDAO, Inc. as a Delaware C-Corp has been submitted through Stripe Atlas. It will take about 2 weeks to process. I paid the $500 fee on my credit card and am seeking reimbursement from the DAO treasury.

  3. Keith and I took out an USDC 1,100 loan on AAVE using our ETH as collateral. We recorded a walk-through of the leveraged borrowing process for our YouTube Channel.

  4. I converted 100 of that USDC to Ocean Protocol tokens to meet the minimum required holding in order to apply for a grant from Ocean.

  5. Keith, Crystal and I drafted and submitted a grant application for $3000 to Ocean for a research project investigating the viability of creating a data and content marketplace for journalists using Ocean.

One final note - we may need to revisit our AAVE loan in the coming days in order to pay our balance due with ONA, which is going to be $1,200.

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Where can I learn more about JournoDAO’s governance model?

It’s still in development as we haven’t gone full DAO or issued any governance tokens just yet, so we are basically moving forward on a consent basis until that’s finalized and implemented. Keith is developing a system of governance for Re-Public that we plan to use as well which involves delegation by area of expertise. In short, people receive governance tokens for their contributions and can delegate them to different people who are expert in different areas. There’s more info in this post. We’ve run some tests of the voting app with JournoDAO but nothing has been implemented.

See: - We're Going to Fix DAO Governance, Because We Have To

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