How can web3 fix social media?

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My basic pitch for Web3 is that it eventually replaces web2 social media because Facebook and Twitter have failed us while extracting billions of value from us all. If Web3 were better understood with a reasonable UI/UX it’s a pretty easy argument to make. However, Web2 will continue to win as long as it is considerably more convenient, easy to use and has a bigger network effect. I think it’s easy to be long-term bullish on Web3 over Web2, but helping people visualize the road map from today to then is tough. Thoughts?

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A few ideas here:

  • Portable, permanent audiences.

Instead of being locked in to Twitter because that’s where your social graph/audience is, you can just try out any app and immediately have the network effects make the app fun instead of waiting for everyone to join, or giving some server access to your private contacts.

This forces apps to compete on features, not building network moats. Apps become fun because you can play them with all your friends by default without getting them all to join something new.

  • Money built-in.

People can actually make a living being their authentic selves because they don’t have to please the algorithm and sell-out to companies to make money. Their audience can just send them money in whatever frequency or amount makes sense for the content.

  • Algorithms as apps.

Instead of the few algorithms we’re used to like the one that curates our Twitter news feed, we can just plug and play new ones to highlight the content from our social networks in an unimaginable amount of ways. We’re in control. We jump from algorithm to algorithm as we wish. The algorithms are there to delight US, not to condition us to behave in the way they want.