Ocean Grant Budget

Below are the details for the budget and dispersment of funds to execute the Ocean Grant awarded in October 2022. Full grant details including the original proposal can be viewed here: Ocean Grant Overview Notion Page.

Budget Breakdown: $3700 Grant Total

  • 20 % of grant to treasury - $740 ($500 used for Notion annual payment)
  • PM 1: 1K DAI/USDC
  • PM 2: 1K DAI/USDC
  • Bounties: $960 total | 4 bounties at 240 DAI/USDC each | or 8 bounties at 120 DAI each

PMs to be paid at beginning of project. Bounties to be paid as work is completed and approved by PMs in Wonderverse. The project admin will be run using a combination of Notion and Wonderverse.

Project managers for Phase 1 are Eric Mack and Crystal Street. Bounties will be created in Wonderverse and promoted in our Discord server. If none are claimed, we will fill the bounties internally through any founding members who wish to participate. Bounties will include, but are not yet finalized, editing transcriptions, content creation from interviewee transcripts, A/V editing (if interviews are recorded) and possible podcast recording.

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