PermaPress testing

PermaPress testing

The PermaPress MVP is finally ready for friends and family to start testing it out and filing bugs! It’s friends and family only because anything and everything might break and we’re needing some patient testers over the next few weeks. Expect things to break or not work.

The goal is to help identify what the biggest blockers are so we can prioritize those over the next couple of weeks.

Before you test

We are currently only deployed on Optimism Sepolia testnet, so you’ll need ETH on that network in order to use the app. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go here and click Add to Metamask under OP Sepolia Testnet:

That will let you switch to the testnet network and interact with PermaPress

  1. Paste your ETH address in the comments here and we’ll send you some ETH on Optimism Sepolia. Or you can find us in our Telegram channel and post your address there:

What to know

  • Fetching data takes a long time. If it seems like nothing is showing up on screen when it should, wait 10 - 15 seconds.
  • If nothing shows up after waiting, try reloading the page
  • Try not to click things multiple times if nothing happens. That can make it hard to find out what is really causing the issue.
  • I’m mostly only interested in bugs that can be reproduced. If something breaks just some of the time, let’s leave it for another round of testing.
  • As you’re testing, pay attention to how you think things SHOULD work. Even if something is not technically broken, I’m curious what feels intuitive and what feels weird.

What to do

Check out and attempt to do the following (left intentionally vague just to see how hard it is to figure out):

  • Create an identity
  • Publish the identity
  • Import one of your stories/articles/posts from somewhere
  • Add the published identity as an author of the post

How to file bugs

I’ve created some Github templates here:

Which should help prompt you for what to include in any issues.

What’s next?

My own ideas for what to work on next include:

  • A feed to browse other people’s Seeds
  • Import profile data from Farcaster/Twitter … also some way to prove/attest that you own those social accounts …
  • Add tags to Posts
  • SDK so devs can make seeds and surface them in their apps

I’m excited to hear what you all are thinking about!